Terms & Conditions

1. Course Rules

We expect and hope that all students registered with Angle Education will have a course to remember and make every effort to show respect at all times to fellow students and members of Angle Education staff.

The course rules outlined below are designed to ensure that all the students and staff of Angle Education (and it’s agents therein) are able to enjoy the stay free from any unpleasant, intimidating or aggressive behaviour and in safety.

The breach of any course rule stated below may result in dismissal from the course. Furthermore, any student who breaks the law or displays aggressive, intimidating or racist behaviour will face instant dismissal from the course. Should a student face instant dismissal, the student will be withdrawn from the course with immediate effect and will need to return home at the parent’s expense at the earliest possible opportunity.

  • Students are expected to attend all meals, classes and arranged activities and excursions.
  • All damage to property, equipment and rooms will be charged to the student.
  • Gratuitous or wilful damage to school property, public property or other students’ property may result in dismissal from the course.
  • Consumption or possession of alcohol by students of any age is not permitted and will result in dismissal from the course.
  • Drug-taking or possession of drugs will result in instant dismissal from the course.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the school and accommodation.
  • Racist or intimidating behaviour towards another student or member of staff will result in dismissal from the course.
  • Any student who leaves the accommodation after lights out may be dismissed from the course.
  • Personal mobile phones must be turned off during all lessons and scheduled activities.


2. Welfare

Angle Education takes full responsibility for the welfare and safeguarding of all students during their time on the school site and when on excursions/activities arranged and supervised by the school staff. These include any activity/visit as advertised or arranged with clients of school for closed groups and any individuals studying with us and will ensure a minimum supervision ratio of one adult for every 15 students.

Students on our residential summer camps are accompanied by their Group Leaders/Teachers/Medical Staff and those leaders/teachers/medical staff hold the primary responsibility for their students’ pastoral care. Angle education staff may be requested to escort the group leaders during the visits and/or social activities to secure a supervision ratio of at least one adult every 15 students but they are not directly responsible for the pastoral care of these students.

All students have the right to fully enjoy and participate in the programme they have booked. Angle Education reserves the right to terminate the programme of any person or group at their own cost if their behaviour causes distress or damage to others on the programme or who break local laws.

Students need to be in good mental and physical health when starting a course. Any matters relating to health must be declared upon course application. Angle Education reserves the right to terminate the programme of any person or group at their own expense if their medical condition affects their ability to participate normally in any programme.

Angle Education cannot be held liable for damage, injury or accident to students’ persons or property.

Any group leaders responsible for students must agree to follow the school’s safeguarding policies (including Prevent Duty) and adhere to our risk assessments. They will need to attend an induction with our staff and must agree to be spot checked throughout their time here so the school can be sure the students are receiving the same high level of welfare and safeguarding support the school would provide.


3. Payment and Deposit

A non–refundable deposit of 10% per person needs to be paid within 14 days of receiving the booking acceptance from Angle Education.

A further 30% of total balance must be paid no later than 2 months before the course starts.

The remaining balance must be paid to Angle Education no later than four weeks before arrival.

All bookings made later than 2 months before the start date must be paid in full within 7 days of receiving the booking acceptance or 7 days before the course starts, whichever is the sooner.

4. Cancellation

All cancellations must be made in writing and take effect from the date we receive such notice. The following charges apply for courses cancelled:

Cancellation fee 4 weeks or more before commencement: 30% of the course. Less than 4 weeks before commencement: 100%. No fees are refunded once the student has commenced the course.

5. Changes

Angle Education reserves the right to change details of its services, including courses, facilities, accommodation and course dates, where circumstances beyond the company’s control necessitate such changes or where the number of enrolments is not enough to operate a course viably.

5.1 Changes to enrolments

Angle Education reserves the right to charge an Administration Fee of £45 each time course or accommodation details are changed or cancelled after a place has been confirmed. Additionally, when a change request for a previously confirmed accommodation is received less than 7 days in advance of the scheduled arrival date, an equivalent week’s accommodation penalty fee will be charged. These fees will not apply to upgraded or extended courses.

6. Public Holidays

If a course includes a public holiday then there is no reduction in the course fees. Please note we do not run classes on these days.

Public Holidays in 2017:

1 January: New Year’s Day, 2 January: New Year Holiday, 14 April: Good Friday, 17 April: Easter Monday, 1 May: May Day, 29 May: Late May Bank Holiday, 28 August: August Bank Holiday, 25 December: Christmas Day, 26 December: Boxing Day

7. Travel arrangements

Course participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the UK.

Airport transfers are not included in the fees and can only be arranged upon request.

8. Accident & medical insurance

Every student must have appropriate insurance and provide a document with the student’s name and date of coverage as proof. Copies of all such insurance policies and evidence that all premiums have been paid need to be sent to Angle Education. The company recommends that all students take our own insurance which is tailored to the needs of international students. Angle Education is able to provide insurance for all students at a cost of £10 per person per week.

8.1 Using NHS services

All Visitors from the European Economic Area (EEA) are strongly advised to bring a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), otherwise they may be charged for their healthcare. The EHIC is free of charge and everyone can apply or renew a card via the official EHIC online application form: https://www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/startApplication.do

EHIC provides state healthcare at a reduced cost -sometimes free. It covers individuals for necessary treatment allowing them to continue their stay until their planned return.

Dental treatment is not free of charge and the cost of treatment starts from £18.50.

For more information please visit:


9. Expulsion

Angle Education reserves the right to expel or evict from the course any student whose conduct is unsatisfactory according to the ‘course rules’ as outlined above or at the discretion of the Center Manager and or Director of Angle Education.

10. Promotional activity

Angle Education reserves the right, unless we are advised to the contrary by the parent/guardian in writing, to use photographs or video clips of our students as part of Angle Education’s promotional material.

Students will be asked to fill out a questionnaire at the end of the course. Angle Education reserves the right to use this material in future promotion, unless otherwise stated by the parent/guardian.

11. Agents

All the above terms are applicable to direct students and Agents unless variations are expressly agreed between the Agent and Angle Education in writing.

12. Liability & Changes

Angle Education has public liability insurance. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall operate to exclude any liability of Angle Education for personal injury or death caused by the negligence of the company or those employed by the company.

The details of the programme have been published in good faith. We reserve the right to make any changes or alterations to any aspect of the course, in the event of unsuitable weather conditions or other factors beyond our control.

13. Force Majeure

Angle Education is not liable in the event where it is unable to fulfil any service to which it is contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, acts of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons which are outside its control.

14. Resolution of dispute

In the event of a dispute between an individual student and the school, procedures are in place to facilitate the resolution of the dispute. Any complaint should first be made to the student’s Centre Manager/Academic Director. Each complaint will be fully investigated provided that it is received within a month of the course ending and all fees have been paid.

Angle Education and its staff and representatives will not be liable for loss, damage, cost or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where liability is expressly imposed by law. Angle Education will not be liable in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by Angle Education becomes impossible to supply for any reason or any cause outside the control of Angle Education.

The ABLS Complaints Procedure

Angle Education is a member of ABLS and it has a duty to ensure that staff, students, agents, parents and other concerned bodies are aware of how to contact ABLS and access the complaints mechanism.

All complaints to ABLS must be received in writing in English and signed by the complainant with contract details provided (an email address is not sufficient). The complaint should record whether action has already been taken directly with the provider concerned and state whether the complainant is happy for the complaint to be copied to that organisation.

15. English Law

English Law shall apply to the contract, and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.