Our Teachers

Summer Directors of Studies

Pooneh Joharchi



Pooneh has more than 8 years of EFL/ ESOL teaching experience. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience with other teachers and also supports them to develop their profession. The role of a director of studies has created this opportunity for her

She is also doing a PhD in oral assessments which broadens her horizons in order to improve the assessing method, and the teaching approach in general.


Sandor Kasnya


Sandor is originally from Hungary. He has lived in Oxford for 4 years. He has been teaching EFL for 17 years in Hungary and the UK. He graduated from college in 1999, passed his CELTA in 2012 and the DELTA in 2015. He has travelled across Europe, the U.S.A. and in his free time he likes lying on the couch watching films and snacking 😉  He also likes photography.

Leanne Brown


Leanne has taught ESL/EFL for 6 years across Asia, Australasia and Europe. She has also completed an MA in Applied Linguistics, focusing on testing and assessment, effective teaching methodologies, and communication strategies, among many other topics in the field of second language acquisition and development. Leanne has previously carried out a number of training workshops for new teachers interested in the ESL/EFL field. She is able to use all of these skills and experiences in her role as Director of Studies.


Some of our teachers

Asad Mahmood


Asad graduated with BA (Hons) and MSc Management in 2005. In 2014 he did his CELTA and changed his career to English language teaching.
He loves teaching both teenagers and adults and  he believes teaching can change the lives of other people.
Outside of the classroom, he is an avid sportsman, loves cricket both playing and watching, especially the short T20 format. He also loves travelling, going to the gym and reading both fiction and non-fiction books.

Anett Salyik


Anett holds a BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She taught adults and worked as an Exam Coordinator in Hungary. She moved to London 3 years ago and has recently completed her Celta.

Outside of the classroom Anett loves film, photography, cooking and learning about science & art.

Conor McTernan


Conor was born and bred in South East London. He studied languages at university and whilst he was living in Peru he discovered a passion for teaching. He loves life, meeting new and interesting people and football. He also very strongly believes that fun is good – especially in the classroom.

Marie Jakobova


Marie has been an English teacher in the UK for about a year. She loves teaching and she strongly believes that life is about having fun, even if you are in the classroom learning. In her spare time she is a dancer and a yoga practitioner. She loves travelling, getting to know different cultures, people and discovering unexplored places.

Camila Penha


Camila has a BA in Journalism and has worked as a reporter and press officer in Brazil, but teaching English has always been her passion . She had some experience teaching adults and teenagers before recently moving to London and completing her CELTA. She is very enthusiastic and tries to offer students that perfect balance between learning and having fun!

Camila loves dogs and animals in general and in her spare time she likes to read novels, watch films, cook and run.

Rose Bridle

FullSizeRender (1)

Rose has been teaching English for two years in Central Asia and the UK. She studied English Language at the University of Sussex and completed her Masters in Language Description at SOAS, University of London. She loves teaching EFL to teenagers and adults and in her spare time enjoys reading, learning languages and drawing.

Gabriela Petrillo



Gabriela likes many things but teaching and travelling are her favourites. English language has given her the opportunity of travelling and getting to know people from all over the world. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, reading comic books and crime books.

Donna Henry


Donna absolutely loves education and has a BA in Modern Languages; an MSc in International Marketing, a PGCE and she is a CELTA qualified teacher.

She loves teaching both teenagers and adults alike and has taught in secondary schools, colleges and, more recently in private school in Spain.

Donna loves travelling, salsa dancing and improving her Spanish. She is currently compiling a juice book.

Claire Duffel



Claire completed her BA in drama and English at the University of Manchester. During her second year, she enjoyed spending six months studying in Singapore. After graduating, she spent six months travelling in South America and it was this experience that created her interest in teaching EFL. She has recently completed her CELTA course and is really excited to be working with Angle Education this summer!

Wioletta Marczyk-Kokoszka


Wiola is originally from Poland and she has been teaching for over 19 years. English language is her passion. Her particular interests are social linguistics and slang language. She is into travelling and likes meeting new people.


 Marta Rybarczyk


With a background in art history and philosophy, Marta likes to encourage her learners to think critically and creatively about the world around them. Although she specialised in teaching young learners at the British Council in Vietnam, she also enjoys teaching teenagers and adults. She likes to incorporate dynamic and exciting ideas from the realm of children’s education into her classes. Marta speaks Spanish, Polish and French (with a Quebecois accent after living and working in Quebec). She has an exotic shorthair called Dracula and she likes listening to Kenneth Williams’ voice.


James Doig


James is from Oxford. He has worked in multiple countries like China and Australia. He sang in a choir when he was younger. One of their CDs was nominated for the Grammy Awards. In his free time he plays the piano and the guitar.


Cesar Gallorini


Cesar is from France. He passed the Cert TESOL in Greenwich last year. He studied literature and drama at university. Then he went to Cardiff to work as a French language assistant. He has lived and worked in London and Melbourne and does private tutoring.

Jordan Creasey


Jordan is from Luton. He has recently lived and worked in Spain. He has a lot of experience in teaching general English, pronunciation classes, level testing and exam classes for the Cambridge, Trinity and EOI exams. He has ESP experience teaching mainly Business English (negotiating, presentation, interview and conference call skills etc.) whilst also having done some more specialist classes (Medical English) and in-company classes with miners and engineers. In his free time he plays the guitar.