Find Education Junior Summer Camps

We operate our junior summer camp and educational programmes under the name Find Education. Find Education uses the expertise of two companies: Angle Education and Find Digs, a student accommodation provider and tour operator. Combining our experience in summer camp operations, providing accommodation and running outstanding language courses we make sure our students achieve the best results and have a memorable time.

Our Summer Camp English language lessons focus on communication skills with students speaking English as much as possible.

English lessons are interactive and varied with group projects that encourage teamwork, interaction and leadership. Lessons are linked to the activities and off-site cultural excursions the students undertake in order to maximise their language learning experience.

Our summer camps are based in:


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Welfare & Safeguarding

All our summer camp students are accompanied by a support team from their country of origin. This support team includes Group Directors, Excursion Support Staff, a doctor and a nurse (Italian INPS groups only) and welfare support members. They provide 24-hour welfare and safeguarding for the students and accompany the students on all off-site excursions. Angle Education works alongside the Support Staff and has weekly meetings with the team to ensure that students’ welfare and care is of the highest quality.

Angle Education is responsible for the students in the classroom and all staff have safeguarding training.

Sample Programme (click below)

Summer Camp Tooting sample programme 2-week

Summer Camp Tooting sample programme 4-week

Summer Camp Oxford sample programme 2-week

Summer Camp Oxford sample programme 4-week


The Classes

  • Each course is 2 or 4 weeks long.
  • Students are placed in classes based on their performance in a General English placement test taken on the first morning of their classes.
  • There are up to 17 students in each class.
  • There are 30 hours of classroom time on each two-week course or 60 hours of classroom time on each four-week course (placement test on the first lesson).
  • Each class has two teachers. One before break time and one after so the students can experience a range of teaching styles.
  • The lessons are linked to the activities and off-site excursions that the students will do while in the UK. There is a strong focus on fun, practical English that is relevant to their experiences while in the UK.
  • All students receive a certificate of attendance on the last day of the course.