We prepare students to take the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination.
By far the most popular English examination taken in the UK today and essential if you wish to study at a university in this country.
We work on all four parts of the exam to make sure you get the best possible score in each area. We provide you with strategies to maximise your result by concentrating on the key areas of each part of the exam.

• How to skim and scan read.
• Practise all the question types IELTS contains.
• How to deal with unknown words or expressions.

• Learn key vocabulary and expressions for coping with task one of the writing test.
• Become confident at longer writing for task two, with learning of essential academic vocabulary and terminology.

• Attention is paid to making sure your pronunciation is improved, corrected and you can be easily understood.
• Strategies are taught so that you always have something to say.

• Gain experience at dealing with all four parts of the listening exam
• Learn how to understand the questions and the types of information that the exam is testing for.

If you are taking IELTS in order to apply for entrance at a UK university then a full support and counselling service is available to help students choose the best university and to assist with the application process.