General English Classes

Lessons are prepared from a great selection of resource materials including: course books, workbooks, supplementary skills books, CDs, DVDs, online materials, authentic materials, games and teachers’ own ideas. Each course includes comprehensive work on grammar and vocabulary whilst developing all the skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Students are encouraged to play an active part in all the activities that each lesson will involve. These will include role-play, personalisation, real life tasks, discussions, pair work and group work.

We put together packages for groups -we can suggest excursions and can also provide accompanying members of staff to support-whichever package is chosen.

The General English lessons will be linked to the experience of being in London or Oxford: using public transport, getting around the city, shopping, visiting markets, museums and the main sightseeing locations. The students will also learn about UK life and culture and develop their understanding of the Core British Values.

Classroom activities will develop students’ English skills and help them to get the most out of every trip they go on while here. All students’ progress is monitored carefully by the teacher.

Our syllabus is a free-flowing set of modules which are based around topics and themes connected with London/Oxford and the UK. There is no absolute fixed order in which topics are completed and this means we can vary the modules according to what students see and do during their stay.

There is no one set course book for the class, and we use a lot of authentic materials such as local travel maps, magazine adverts and materials sourced from the internet. Click here for more.

We ensure students’ fluency and confidence improve rapidly and there will be weekly progress checks so we can track each student’s development and they can see exactly what has been studied each week.

Students at all levels are regularly given homework as it is important to practise what they have learned.

All students receive a certificate at the end of the course to show the dates they studied and the level they reached.

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