About Angle Education

Angle Education delivers quality learning programmes with high quality residential accommodation* in London and Oxford, two of the most exciting cities on earth. Along with your lessons you’ll also have an unforgettable experience discovering truly unique cities that have something for everyone: great theatres, museums, restaurants, shopping and historic landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and the magnificent University Colleges of Oxford . Most of our programmes offer you the chance to see the key sights and places of interest while practising your English. Our staff are here to help you have the greatest experience of your life.

Angle Education specialises in closed groups and can put together packages to meet any needs – adult groups, junior groups or teacher training groups. We want to provide for all your needs.

It may be possible for some summer sites to provide classes where groups can be mixed, so that students can study with other nationalities or groups. Information sheets for each centre show options available.

What is a closed group?

A group of students that visit Angle Education to study together. We welcome groups of all sizes from a minimum of 10 students.

What are the advantages of closed group programmes?

  • classes at a time, day, location that is suitable for you.
  • courses that will target your students’ needs.
  • as many excursions as you would like. Your group can see the sights and experience the customs and culture of the UK.

What can we offer to individual students coming to the UK?

We do offer our language programmes to individual students in specific centres, so if you like what we do and would like to study with us, please get in touch with us.

How we teach at Angle Education

We teach in an exciting way which is truly different from many other schools. The syllabus is based on themes and topics which are directly linked to activities and excursions that our students will undertake whilst in the UK. This means that the English we teach has a connection with the places we visit, the things we see, and the conversations which take place in the real world.

We can also arrange for your group to work on an ongoing project during their stay in London or Oxford. This can lead to a presentation to the class at the end of the course. This is a good and natural way to provide revision of the language and culture learned during the course, and provides an important achievement goal for students. On the Summer Camp Programme, the presentation element usually forms a compulsory part of the syllabus.

Our syllabus

Our syllabus is a free-flowing set of modules which are based around topics and themes connected with London/Oxford and the UK. There is no absolute fixed order in which topics are completed and this means we can vary the modules according to what your closed group would like to see and do during your stay and around the different parts of the UK you visit.

There is no one set course book for the class, and we use a lot of authentic materials such as local travel maps, magazine adverts and materials sourced from the internet.

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The facilities

We teach across four main campuses, which are available to us at different times of the year.

Hoxton is a district in the East End of London, in the Borough of Hackney, immediately north of the financial district of the City of London.

Holloway is in the London Borough of Islington located about 3½ miles north of Covent Garden and the River Thames.

Tooting is located in the South West of London in the Borough of Wandsworth, close to the fashionable areas of Clapham and the home of English Tennis at Wimbledon.

Headington is a suburb of Oxford. Located east of the city it is a short bus ride to the city centre. Home to England’s oldest University, Oxford is a picturesque city less than two hours drive from London.

The campuses are all purpose-built education facilities. Please see dates available on each course description.

Our qualified ( Cambridge CELTA or Trinity Cert. TESOL ) teachers deliver classes that will enable you to use the English language as much as possible. We are dedicated to improving your skills in all areas of English, helping you to feel happier and more confident about how you use it. Let us know why you want to learn English and what your goals are – this helps us plan the best classes for you. As we believe a good school focuses on helping each student achieve their learning and life goals, whether it is for work, gaining a qualification or as personal interest, then we are here for you.

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London Metropolitan University

Hackney Community College

Graveney School

 Ruskin College (Oxford)

*Accommodation is provided by our partners.