Our unique syllabus

Our unique syllabus

We believe that the learning experience should be directly connected to the places our students visit and the people they meet. Our engaging syllabus is a free-flowing set of modules which are based around topics and themes connected with British culture and places the students visit during their stay.

There is no absolute fixed order in which topics are completed and this means we can vary the modules according to what your group would like to see and do during your stay and around the different parts of the UK you visit.

There is no one set course book for the junior summer courses. Classes are lively and interactive making lots of use of digital resources, the internet and authentic materials such as local travel maps, magazine adverts and materials sourced from the internet.

Students deliver a presentation at the end of each course showcasing their improved language skills and cultural understanding. The aim is that they can show off everything they have learned both in class and whilst exploring the UK.

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