Mission Statement

Angle Education and our Find Education Junior Summer Camps aim to provide great value courses for international students in a positive, inclusive learner-centred environment where students feel welcome and can improve their English language skills at the same time as learning about UK life and culture. We also do our best to offer a range of student support services that help our students to enjoy their courses to the full.

We aim to:

  • Provide a quality service at a reasonable price
  • Be professional, responsible and fair
  • Respect and value our students and staff
  • Provide a safe environment for work and study
  • Build an education business that can grow and survive into the future
  • Provide an education service that meets our customers’ needs
  • Help our staff to develop through training and support
  • Run an honest business that follows good practices
  • Provide value for money
  • Help our students learn about British life and culture
  • Promote core British values of democracy, individual liberty, tolerance, and the rule of law
  • Make the students’ experience of visiting the UK a fun, rewarding and memorable one