Fashion lesson

Sounds of laughter and chatter in English, classrooms filled with bin bags, foil and rolls of toilet paper. This is a regular afternoon at Michaela Community School in Wembley where the Italian students are preparing for a fashion show in which they describe their imaginative creations.
This lesson demonstrates the varied curriculum of the Summer School, which focuses on topics of interest to students, whilst also immersing them in British life and culture. This particular lesson, focused on fashion and clothing, allows students to learn key vocabulary in the target language to both name items of clothing and provide detailed descriptions of them. They are then able to show their artistic side by designing their own outfit and showcasing it to other students and teachers.

IMG_6616  IMG_6580
Other lessons are related to shopping, where students learn functional language they can use when on excursions to Oxford Street and Camden Town. Practicing role-plays for such settings is beneficial as it helps to develop their confidence and fluency in using such language. Relating the lessons to activities outside the classroom serves to enhance learning, as students have an opportunity to use the language in a real-life setting.
This aspect of the summer school curriculum makes teaching at Angle Education extremely enjoyable. As a DoS, it is extremely rewarding to see students engaged in classroom material and using their newly-developed English skills and larger range of vocabulary to communicate with others in a non-classroom environment, such as in a restaurant and on the London tube.